Midwife Philosophy


Our philosophy as experienced Midwives is one of non-interference and informed choice with the natural process of birth, feeling that we work with the mother and father as team members. Coley and Anne spend time at prenatal visits addressing questions and educating clients on all aspects of the pregnancy experience.  Birth is not necessarily a medical event, but a natural, personal experience which involves the entire family.

Midwifery care can be likened to that of a lifeguard. A midwife is there to watch over the event, but does not interfere if everything is going well. However, if there is a problem she can recognize it and is prepared to take the appropriate action. She also offers that one to one personal care that only a sensitive caring midwife can provide. She works along side her mothers.

Our goal is to provide women with the knowledge, support, and guidance they need to make informed decisions about their childbirth experience.

About Anne

Anne is a Licensed Midwife in Southern California and founder of Agape Home Birth and Midwifery Services. Anne has attended and personally delivered, in home birth settings, hundreds of beautiful bouncing babies in some very wonderful and natural settings -- like in the water!

Anne has appeared on various Southern California radio and cable television shows (see her participation in Baby Story on our home page), and was editor for several childbirth publications. Anne also co wrote: Homebirth Making it Happen with Abbi Perets, an e book covering the basics of having a home birth.

During her years as editor, Anne had the pleasure of interviewing many prominent natural childbirth proponents and authors, such as the late Tom Brewer, M.D. notable for his works on toxemia and the Brewer Diet; the late Robert Bradley, M.D., author of Husband Coached Childbirth and whose philosophies inspired the famous Hathaway’s childbirth education course, commonly known as the Bradley Method; the late Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. the radical, quick witted and inspirational author of Medical Malepractice and Confessions of a Medical Heretic; Michel Odent, M.D. universally respected for his water birth philosophies and writings, such as Birth Reborn; the late distinguished anthropologist Ashley Montague, PhD, author of Touching; Gail Brewer, Diana Korte, David Chamberlain, and many others.

Anne began her interest in natural childbirth prior to the birth of her first child. In 1971 there were very few books on childbirth. At the library one day she discovered a book by Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, Childbirth Without Fear and thought – women were meant to do this and naturally without drugs - it was society that corrupted a natural event with its attitudes about women and children. During her pregnancy she took La Maze classes and hired an OB to attend her birth at home.

According to Anne, “In those days men were not allowed in the delivery room, women were still being strapped to beds and given “twilight sleep’ to remove them from their birth experience. Hospital birth scared me!

“After my daughter was born and in the 80’s I became politically active when my midwife was brought under suspicion. The newspapers spun the truth, but the reality was that midwifery care was a viable alternative to what was happening in the hospitals.”

Anne’s training in midwifery has been a long process, mostly achieved through self study and apprenticeship.

“I have been very fortunate that the right people and many of them, came into my life at the right time to teach me.” I have had an education exceptionally varied. I never could have attained what I know through college or a midwifery school.”
Anne Sommers, L.M.
Education and Coursework
• California State University at Long Beach
• Sage Femme Midwifery School, Santa Cruz, California
• OB Crisis, OB Nursing Seminars
• Neonatal Resuscitation, St. Joseph's, Orange, California
• Fetal Heart Monitoring, Fountain Valley California Regional Medical Center
• Labor Assistant Training Seminar through California Association of Professional Labor Assistants (CAPLA), Placentia, California
• Lactation Educator/Consultant Program through Breastfeeding Centers of Southern California, Placentia, California
• Medical Board of California – Licensed Midwife
• North American Registry of Midwives- Certified Professional Midwife
• California Association of Midwives - Recognition
• CPR current
• Neonatal Resuscitation current
• Respiratory Therapy
• Professional IV Therapy
• California College of Certified Childbirth Educators
• Sage Femme Midwifery School
Independent Study
• Apprenticed with Traditional Midwives, C.N.M.s, an OB-GYN and an OMD.

• Studied kinesiology, nutritional therapy, homeopathy, Chinese Medicine and herbology.

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About Coley

Coley Douglass is a certified professional midwife and founder of My Earth Birth Midwifery and Doula services.  Coley has attended over 200 homebirths and truly believes in a woman’s right to choose where and how she gives birth.  Coley believes that most women’s bodies were meant to give birth and when they are comfortable and able to let their intuition guide them, in most cases they can birth without intervention.

 Coley’s passion is in helping women feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with having a natural birth.  She loves bonding with her fellow sisters throughout their journey to motherhood.

 From a young age Coley knew she wanted to attend births as a profession.  Growing up her family knew very well that at any social event, Coley would be found playing with any babies she could find and making friends with new mothers instead of playing with children her own age.  Coley later decided she would become an obstetrician so she could bond with mothers and babies on a regular basis.  Coley had even said that when she decided to have children she would stay at home and give birth by herself.  At this point, Coley had never heard of homebirth or midwives or that there were any like-minded women that wanted this.  Coley attended University of California, Riverside as a Biology major and soon discovered she preferred Women’s studies classes that made her feel empowered.

 After two years of school, Coley was in a bookstore and a book called Waterbirth caught her eye.  She purchased it and read it right away.  Everything in the book was about homebirth and waterbirth and midwives and herbs and nutrition and being healthy.  This was a magical moment for Coley because this is when she heard her calling screaming at her.  Soon later, Coley decided to leave school and start her journey as a midwife’s apprentice.  A few years later Coley became a midwife and still feels it was the best decision she has ever made!

 Coley’s training included a five year apprenticeship with several midwives, birth experience in the US and Mexico, lactation education at Loma Linda University, training with and herbalist that employed her for two years (including education in herbology, kinesiology, iridology and vitamins), working as an emergency medical technician (EMT) for three years, certification in neonatal resuscitation, certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and certification in phlebotomy.

 With her calm, quiet demeanor, Coley is a very gentle soul who makes women feel comfortable and at ease in their transition into becoming mothers.

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