The Different Types of Midwives

“The credentialing process for CPMs is the only educational route that requires homebirth experience to achieve certification; no CNM or MD program has this requirement, and the vast majority of CNMs and MDs have never even witnessed an out of hospital birth. “

I found this outstanding article on line yesterday explaining the various types of midwives. Thank you Midwife Jacque Shannon-McNulty for this concise, educated review.

For anyone wondering, I began as a Lay or Direct Entry Midwife and later became a Licensed CA Midwife (under the BMQA and Dept of Consumer Affairs) and CPM. In 1997 as a result of the Killea Bill, midwives could be licensed following a Challenge Process based on the NARM requirements that included written testing and actual field experience. However, 20 years later, midwives' licensing in CA has fallen victim to the medicalized educational system; attending a MEAC accredited school is required.


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